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Kapil's Story : Divine Purity

Kapil Story  : Divine Purity

I get married in 1992 , that is why this episode should be some where  around 1993-1994 .

My route from our factory to our home & vice versa was through Birla mandir's road.

Generally on saturdays , while coming back from factory to home , mood is generally relaxed & romantic . 

Diffreant Music Cassette shops , sweets & confactionary shops were used to be stop over spots on saturdays evenings before home reach.

A old lady has a flower selling stall  in front of Birla Mandir since ages . Always loaded with fresh flowers , Motia , Mogra,  Gulab (Rose) , Genda (Merigold) , Chameli (Jesmine) , etc. , etc., to name a few .

On thats very saturday evening there was some Ramayan Katha programme was on inside Birla Temple , hence there was a traffic zam on the road. It took slighly more then usual , that is why my driver rolled down the window pans & switch off the car . 

Suddenly I was faciniated by the strong aroma of the fragrance of fresh flowers from old lady shop.
The effect was so pulling that  I come out from car & told driver to take car forward , if & when traffic zam clear and park the car on nearest available road side space , I will come my self walking in 5-10 minutes. 

I asked flower shop's old lady to pack some Motia Mogra Gajra ( a gajra is some flowers tied in a thread , girls use this as a hair decorative in India ) for my wife .

She start making gajras with needle & threads peering flowers . Mean while I picked some flowers and start smelling by bringing it near my nose , The smell was fantastic .

Suddenly she saw me , smelling the flowers , objected softly but firmly  by moving hand and said in Hindi  "beta aap in phulo ko mat sungho , yeh jhoote ho jayege, yeh to Thakur Ji ko arpit karne kay liye hai, jhoote phule Thakur Ji ko Nahi arpit hote , pap lagta hai , aap ghar me hi inhey sungna , yaha dukan mey ek bhi phule  mix ho gaya to sare phule hi phekne padege" .  (please do not smell the flowers like this , these will become contaminated  , will become 2nd grade & further more , can not offer to the God , if even one contaminated flower mix with other fresh flowers , she has no option except to throw all in dust bin )

I realised my mistake quickly , sided the contaminated flowers away from shop , paid the money , picked my ordered Gajra packet and walked towards my car . Thinking About the Great Divine Purity in Her Shop Keeping.

After this experience , I always had 100% faith on her shop's quality .

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  1. Kapil ji,apki ye story bhi us phool wali lady ki tarah kachchi aur kori thi, maanyatao'n se mukt,paanditya-poorna vyakhyayein bhi nahi....par man ko choo gayi....
    Meri aj kavita likhne ki koi tamanna nahi hai .haha

    1. Dear Shri Gagan Bhai Ji,
      Jai Shree Krishna,
      Good to hear from you,
      This is a honest expression,
      Kapil Jain